Four Lessons learned from Kevin Love’s visit to Boston this weekend

Kevin Love graced Boston with his presence this weekend. No one really knows why he was in Boston, many are speculating that he’s kicking the tires on the city that he could potentially be traded to.

Instead of guessing why he was in the Commonwealth, let’s go through some of the things we learned from the visit.

Could Jared Sullinger bring Kevin Love to Boston?

Could Jared Sullinger bring Kevin Love to Boston?

1) Boston is starved for sports stories right now.

The Boston Red Sox are the only game in town, and they’re winning again. So there’s not many fun stories there. All the media can do is make fun of Jonny Gomes and the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Bruins finished in disappointing fashion.

The Celtics got a crappy draft pick after a horrible and boring season.

The New England Patriots are smack in the middle of their off-season.


Enter Kevin Love. A player many teams covet, and he came to our wonderful city! When nothing else was really going on! Let’s follow him around and take pictures and post useless information about his movements throughout the city without any real, meaningful coverage of why he’s actually in the city.

Is this what it’s like in Cleveland?

2) Kevin Love might be starting a new trend

Kevin Love could have picked any time to visit Boston. Isn’t it strange he picked the month that his name has popped up in rumors in every media outlet that covers the Celtics? Of course it’s strange!

Kevin Love is under contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves for at least one more year (he has a player option for the 2015-16 season which he won’t take unless he’s traded out of Minnesota). He is a millionaire that could have travelled anywhere in the world, and he picked Boston. The whole city is flattered, really.

This seems a bit unprecedented. Love spent his weekend shopping for a city, while under contract with another team. He’s a warm blooded 25-year-old male with endless supplies of cash, and more cash coming in the next 15 years of his life. He wants to live in a place that he feels comfortable and could potentially enjoy living in for the foreseeable future. That all makes sense.

Sure, he can do whatever he wants. However, if the show were on the other foot and a Boston athlete did what Love did this past weekend in another city, it would not go over well. He would have multiple members of the Boston sports media lining up to drive him to the airport.

It will be interesting to see if more athletes do what Love did this weekend, testing out a city before asking for a trade or accepting a trade to that city.

3) Kevin Love enjoys the attention

There are so many different ways this weekend could have happened for Love. He could have come in quietly, tried out some restaurants, caught some of the sites, and then left without people knowing he was around. Obviously, with technology permeating society it is difficult to hide as a giant white dude in Boston (although, maybe it isn’t that hard….).

Love spent time all over the city, eating, drinking, taking in a Red Sox game, meeting Rajon Rondo, hanging out with Gronk on a roof deck, and being recruited by David Ortiz via Twitter:

In other words, it was a pretty public visit. Which should make people a little wary.

What was Love looking for when he decided to make this trip? Was he looking to see if he liked the feel of the city or was he just seeking some attention? Or was he sticking it to Flip Saunders and the Minnesota management team. Truthfully, Love has not always been the best teammate in Minnesota. He has complained on numerous times about management in Minnesota and his contract.


And here…

This should be a red flag.

4) Kevin Love could be a god in this city

Ok, let’s call a spade a spade. Boston has a history of racism. It suffered through a horrible busing fiasco in the 1960’s that drove Boston’s neighborhoods into further segregation instead of countering how the city was divided along racial lines.

With that said, a white guy like Kevin Love would become a huge star in Boston. If Brian Scalebrine can do it, Kevin Love can totally do it.  He already did it after three days in Boston.

What do you think of Kevin Love’s visit to Boston? Stick your comments below.


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