#tbt: Rosie Ruiz wins Boston Marathon… or does she?

Rosie Ruiz


It’s Thursday once again. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying Bill Russell going coast to coast and leaping over another a human. Check that out here.

This week, in honor of the Boston Marathon, we travel back to 1980.

Rosie Ruiz was the unknown champion of the 1980 Boston Marathon… but her reign did not last for long, because she was a gosh darn cheater. The novice runner jumped out of the crowd about half a mile from the finish line and made her way down Boylston St. She crossed the line, broke the course record, and took all the praise tossed her way.

Without further adieu, I give you Rosie Ruiz.

This video is fantastic for a few reasons:

– The 80’s (denim jacket at the :20 mark)

– Rosie Ruiz trying hard to look like she’s been running for 25.5 miles. Arms flailing, face twisting in pain, and the cops dragging her away from the finish line as she nearly collapses.

– Her outfit just screams world class distance runner…

– The interview after the race is priceless. The interviewer didn’t know how to pronounce “Ruiz.” Ruiz cut 25 minutes off her previous best time but can’t explain how. She’s sneezing. She has no clue what intervals are. She says she advises herself.

Ruiz had done this before in New York. I want to know where Rosie Ruiz is right now. Did she pay her taxes? Is she working for the New York Knicks?

After she was caught a few days later (they had to comb the TV coverage to try and find her at various checkpoints). Ruiz claimed she didn’t mean to win and wanted to jump into the “middle of the pack.” Whoops.

Do you have a video or picture worthy of #tbt? Send it my way seanRmelia@gmail.com or stick it in the comment section.





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